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crystal repair

Crystal and Keepsake Repairs


Denver Art Glass began repairing misc. glass, porcelain and ceramic objects as a service to existing clients. Many of them had no idea that these keepsakes could be repaired or where to take them. Crystal stemware that had been chipped while washing, figurines broken by the maid, items damaged in shipping, cut crystal broken by the grandchildren – these are just some of the stories that have been told.

The edges of chipped stemware can be ground and polished. Broken stems can be reset with a bonding agent. Some cracks can be infused with a water clear epoxy that will add strength to the area and reduce the light refraction from the cracked surfaces. Glass art objects that have failed due to stress at fuse points or attempted repairs with an inappropriate adhesive can be cleaned and reset. Italian glass chandelier arms can also be epoxied. Not all repairs will restore the piece to perfect condition. But a restored keepsake is better than a box of pieces in a drawer.

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